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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which kit will level my Amarok

A.   If you have a standard Amarok and carry the odd load, the 50mm lift kit or lowering kit will give you the best look.


If you plan to carry a constant load of 300kg or more then our 35mm lift kit, full lift kit or lowering kit will give you the leveled look.


If you have a winch and/or bullbar we recommend our 50mm lift kit

Q. Which models does the kit fit?

A.   All SUSD suspension kits are designed to fit all models of Amarok, pre and post facelift including the V6 range


How much does shipping cost?

A.   We ship worldwide. If you enter your address into the shopping cart the website will calculate the shipping cost to your destination. 

Q. How long does it take to fit?

A.   To install the rear lowering kits takes 20-30 minutes. To install the lift kit takes 2-3 hours

Q. Can I fit the kit myself

A.   Yes, these kits are very straightforward to fit. Fitting the rear kit doesn't require any special tools.


Unless you're mechanically minded, we recommend using a mechanic or workshop to fit the lift kit. Fitting spacers require spring compressors and a spline drive set


Q. How much does this kit lower the back of the vehicle

A.   Depending on tyre size, the top of the tyre to the guard is lowered by 50mm.


Q. Does it affect the ride comfort?

A.   Yes. Most drivers find our rear lower kit improves the ride comfort. The lift kits don't change the ride characteristics 


Q. Does it affect handling?

A.   Yes. We frequently receive reports that the lowering kits improve handling. Any lift kit increases the centre of gravity height therefore handling isn't improved


Q. Does it affect payload?

A.   It doesn't affect strength or capacity, however, with our lowering kits, we recommend a max payload of 750kg. There's no change to the payload or recommendation with our lift kits


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