SUSD Full Lowering Kit for Amarok

SUSD Full Lowering Kit for Amarok

SKU: SFL-50/100

The only off-the-shelf full lowering kit for VW Amarok.

Give your Amarok a totally unique look, and make it easier to load, and easier to get in and out of. Perfect for city driving or racing.

The full lowering kit lowers the front of the Amarok by 50mm and the rear up to 100mm leveling the ride heights whilst maintaining enough travel to comply with the regulations of most countries. Spring rates are increased, which provides a firmer ride and it goes around corners like it's on rails. Hypaflex urethane bushes are used on all pivots for even further improved responsiveness and handling. 


Kit includes: 

1x set of lowered front coils

1x set of lowered rear leaves

1x set of rear lowering shackles

Recommended to be fitted by a mechanic. Fitting takes 4-5 hours and wheel alignment is required


Suitable for: VW Amarok 2010-onwards

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