No need for a diesel performance chip now!

Very nice indeed! Now with more than 3000 Amarok's roaming the roads of New Zealand since their introduction in 2011 (less a few that didn't survive a bit of misadventure) there's plenty of fans who've long awaited for a bit more grunt, to match the smooth 8 speed trans, and the unrivaled comfort the Amarok offers ute buyers.

So bigger engine yep, the much anticipated three litre V6 diesel, loaded with 550nm's of torque on tap from 1500rpm. Wow! The new 3.0L, single turbo, V6 diesel will be produced with 3 output options, however we suspect that only the range topping 165kw option will come to New Zealand, but who'd want anything less?

But what else has the new Rok got to entice fans to upgrade? Or the swingers to convert? Here are some of the other improvements:

  • Disc brakes on the rear

  • Paddle shift

  • 14-way adjustable seats

  • VW’s Automatic Post-Collision Braking System

  • Upgraded infotainment system

  • Improved 3.5 ton towing capacity

  • Revised interior complete with a new dashboard

  • Updated Servotronic electronic steering system

And a raft of cosmetic changes to the design, bumper, lights, graphics and larger wheels.

Delivery is scheduled for later in 2016 for those lucky punters who've already owned an Amarok :) although few will be lucky enough to score the new V6 before the year's out.

There's a few minor details, we'd like to have seen. To name a few:

  • Indicators in the mirrors

  • Push-button start

  • Optional air-suspension

What else would you like VW to add to the Amarok? Post in the comments

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