How high can you lift a VW Amarok?

Our newly released Coil spacer lift kits are getting a lot of rave latterly. Why? Because they're a simple and cost effective way to raise the front suspension ride height on your Amarok be it the 2 litre or V6.

We had a customer from Greenbank, Queensland who wanted to push the ride height boundaries on his VW Amarok. Brenton Inglis had already fitted a 43mm body lift, and a full Dobinson 2 inch lift kit, front and rear with new extended travel twin tube shocks, but wasn't balanced front to rear.

Wanting to go higher and balance out the ride height, Brenton decided to "take the gamble" with SUSD's Coil spacer lift kit from across the ditch in New Zealand, and contacted the team to see if it was possible to fit them to the larger shocks, and without destroying the ride quality.

After exchanging countless measurements, photos, details, and dimensions SUSD recommended fitting the 35mm Coil Spacers, but they needed to be custom built to match Brenton's Dobinson coils and struts. We choose with the 35mm option so as not to loose too much negative travel, maintaining the ride quality and a diff drop kit was recommended to protect the CV's from premature failure from the extra angle.

The result is amazing, and Brenton is very pleased with the setup, the height and the new leveled out look and the ride quality is "still very smooth"

So what are the spec's of this tough looking Rok?

Wheel/Tyre Size: 285/75R16

Shocks: Dobinson twin tube shocks

Springs: Dobinson raised coils

Spacers: SUSD 35mm custom built coil spacers & rear leaf spacer blocks

Body lift: SC Fabworks 43mm body lift

Diff drop: Roadsafe diff drop kit

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