What size wheels can you run on a V6 Amarok

Here's one sweet looking V6 Amarok we supplied a SUSD rear lowering kit to recently, and we think you'll love it!

A common question we get asked is, what size wheels can I put on a VW Amarok? So here's an example with the biggest size 22 inch wheels that fit without needing to add larger flairs or running into suspension and chassis clearance issues.

We think it looks seriously nice with the rear suspension lowered to match the front ride height giving it that balanced, leveled look.

So what size wheels are on this Amarok? 285/45R22 which has a outside diameter of 815mm right on the maximum for clearance!

To compare this tyre/wheel combination to another size you'd like, we recommend using this wheel-tyre calculator which we have pre-populated for you with this size and another common size we recommend.

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