This has to be the world's best stubbie holder for Amarok fans

Ok Amarokers out there, take a look at this eye candy! We wanted a way to display the SUSD Coil spacers in a unique way. Pop on the ol' thinking caps, and here we have it...

We used the standard front strut off the Amarok, added a huge big pressed VW logo as a foot, and a custom built bottle ring which clips into the fork of the strut, and yeah of course coil spacer fitted up to give it a balanced look. The components are built from aircraft grade alloy and anodized in our SUSD red to give it that classy balanced look, just like our leveling kits do for your Amarok.

If you'd like to buy a set to make use of the old struts collecting dust in the garage, leave us a comment. If there's enough comments ... you know what'll happen :)

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