Amarok Remapping & EGR solutions

When it comes to remapping or tuning a Volkwagen Amarok, no one does it better than the team at SUSD. We've partners with CRD Tech (Australia's most trusted Amarok tuning company) to become New Zealand's only Amarok remapping specialist offering dyno developed tunes and remapping fine tuned specifically for Amarok.

Amarok EGR Solution:

Are you sick of replacing the EGR on your Amarok each time it fails? Yes you may be covered by warranty but the hassle and downtime can be eliminated for good! Not only can we eliminate your constant EGR issues, but we can give your Amarok more power and torque, all whilst reducing fuel consumption.

EGR failures are a regular occurrence on most diesel vehicle that have an EGR, and particularly the 4 cylinder auto Amarok, and that's why we've developed an EGR delete solution specifically for the Amarok. Request a quote

Amarok Performance Remapping

Wanting a little more grunt from your Amarok? Or a ton more pulling power? We've developed performance tunes specifically for Amarok to harness the real power that lies within these great engines be it the V6 or 4 cylinder we've got you covered.

Here's an example of a 4 cylinder Amarok we recently tuned with cut a staggering 4.5 seconds of it's 0-100 times!

We've also discovered that by removing the DPF (diesel particulate filter) and turning it off with the tune, you can gain a further 22kw of power and 39nm of torque at the wheels from the 4 cylinder models just removing this restriction from the exhaust. The becomes very handy especially if you're towing a lot.

V6 performance gains

Got the most powerful ute on the market, but just still want a bit more? We're successfully achieving gains of an additional 56kw and 175nm at the wheels over an above the impressive factory performance figures.

Want to know more? Or a tune developed specifically for your Amarok? Give us a call we provide the best tunes on the market, at great value starting from as low as just $999 +GST!!! So send us an email with which model you have, your location, and what your desired outcome is and we'll be back to you pronto with a price.

Or just give us a call on 09 950 8717

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