Lift the front to match the back



Previously the only way of lifting the front suspension ride height of a Volkswagen Amarok was to install stronger springs. The problem with this is, because the standard struts fitted by Volkswagen matched the original spring rate, from first hand experience, installing heavier springs gave the Amarok a harsh ride. The only way to improve the ride was to install aftermarket struts/shocks with heavier rebound dampening to tame the heavier springs, which come at a significant cost.

That's why we developed coil spacers specifically for the Amarok

Now there's 2 options and YOU have the choice!  You can choose the full blown, strut and coil replacement or SUSD's low cost coil spacers which maintain the same spring rate that is matched to the factory installed struts so you can maintain the vehicles existing ride characteristics 


So which option should you choose?


Great question! As a rule of thumb, ask yourself these questions below, and if you answer yes to more of the questions on the left, then our Coil Spacer Kits are the best option for you!


  • You're a recreational off-roader

  • Want the macho lifted look on a budget

  • You want accurate lift height of either 35 or 50mm maintaining same suspension travel


  • You do serious off-roading

  • You intend to add more than 80kg to the front of your vehicle


The Look

No more heads down, bumbs up!

The Amarok suspension leveling kit lets you stand out from others on the road, but in the most unidentifiable way. When a vehicle is siting level it looks natural and lifted gives the Macho toughness an Amarok lives up to!

The Quality
The Feel

Noticable from the moment you climb in!

Not only is it easier to get in and out of your Amarok, you'll notice right away the you are no longer sitting on a slope. You'll also notice that it rides even better, and handling is improved.

Built to a higher standard than the original parts

Precision machined from billets of T6 Aluminum to exacting tolerances. Field tested for durability, longevity and ride quality. And backed by a 2 year warranty

Easy to install


In 3 simple steps installation can be done in under an hour by most service centres or DIY if you're mechanically minded.


1. Lift

2. Remove

3. Fit

Precision Built


Built to the highest of quality standards and backed with a full 2 year warranty for peace of mind




Most countries allow suspension adjustment of up to 2" before requiring a certification. SUSD suspension leveling kits comply with regulations in most countries including New Zealand. 


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SUSD originated in New Zealand in 2013, developing suspension levelling solutions for VW Amaroks . As of 2020, it was bought out and relocated to Southern Cross Fabworks (SCF) in Brisbane, Australia.

You'll find SUSD products around the world. Most of our orders are received online, which allows us to do what we do best - focus on quality and attention to detail that you would expect. 

Dealer inquiries welcome.

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